Spring: Royal Reds move up and down the continental shelf, preferring a specific temperature zone that is usually found around the 200-fathom curve (2400 feet deep). Ranging roughly 40-60 miles out from Jacksonville to Ft Pierce, Royal Red shrimpers work just inside the strongest flowing currents of the Gulfstream, enduring tides that average 3-5 knots.
Winter: Brown shrimp caught of the Florida east coast, Texas and Louisiana coasts.
Winter : Fishing continues for White Shrimp, Brown Shrimp and Rock Shrimp off the East Coast of Florida, although the catches are small due to inclement weather and earlier fishing pressure. A few hardy souls drag way off the shores of Texas and Louisiana scrapping for Brown Shrimp despite the fact that winter weather is miserable in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Near the end of winter, Pink Shrimp begin their migration from Florida Bay to offshore waters west of the Florida Keys
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