Onion, garlic and lemons with a few other odd's and ends added to the brew make the traditional crawfish boil.
Piling them high. Our live Louisiana live Crawfish season begins the 3rd week of November and ends the 3rd week of June
Greg making a dump of our Louisiana Crawfish.
Getting the Crawfish Boil cooking equipment ready for the crawfish.
A farm raised Crawfsih
Greg with the winning Jersey for that year.
Greg M. & friends having fun with  a Crawfish Boil for Super Bowl XXXVII in Goodyear Arizona.
Greg, an Ocala Florida resident, is currently serving in the USAF stationed in Arizona and yes, finally,  
a fulfilled Bucs Fan ! Greg was one on many customers across the country that celebrated Super Bowl
XXXVII serving our Louisiana Crawfish at their Super Bowl Parties. Greg, we appreciate the service
your doing for our Country and PARTY ON !
National shipper and supplier of Live Crawfish, shrimp, blue crab, live oysters, andouille sausage, pork boudin, frog legs and other gourmet Cajun foods.
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This young man has just snagged one of our live crawfish shipped from Kenner, La.
The kids find our crawfish fun to play with before they hit the boiling water.
Joe Delatte Boil
Virginia Beach, VA.   April 2004
Crawfish boils are always a winner to bring family and friends together for a cajun feast.
Future Cajun Cook going for the Big Crawfish
A pro showing off the goods!
Crawfish facing their doom!
This is the ideal setup for cooking crawfish.
David Stafford Boil
Sun Prairie, WI.
March  2004
David's friends and family enjoying David's Cajun gourmet food entree's. David is quite the accomplished Cajun Chef.
The aroma of the spices from a crawfish boil is unique. If you have ever been to the Big Easy, you will recoginize the aroma and be homesick for New Orleans
I escaped when they weren't looking. You think they might miss the fish if I have a snack or two?
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