Bayou Classic Outdoor Cooking Equipment is the finest outdoor cooking equipment available on the market today.
Learn from the expert how to fry your own 15-lb. Cajun Turkey in 55 minutes.
Be the BBQ Expert with Rick Browne's Barbecue America handbook!
Rick Browne's Grilling America will help you be the Cajun Gourmet Chef.
Rick Browne's Grilling America- More than
just a cookbook, Grilling America like the TV series, is
also a tour of some of the most colorful barbecue
festivals around the country and the secrets shared by
the experts who attend them. He shares tips on which
woods to use in your grill or smoker to fragrantly scent
and flavor your food...
Frequent Fryers Cookbook - How to Deep Fry
Just About Anything!
Browne (the author) tells the reader how to prepare the
well-loved deep fried turkey (touted by Martha Stewart and
Bubba alike!), but he also shares recipes for delicious
desserts, unique appetizers, fabulous entrees, and tasty
breads. Browne will debunk some of the myths of deep fat
frying, including the idea that frying is always unhealthy and
that the technique is dangerous or difficult.
Barbecue America - Learn the best (and
potentially healthiest) oils to use, correct temperatures
and frying times (shorter cooking ensures less
greasiness), technical tips for using your deep fryer, and
safety guidelines.
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